Tips to become a better real estate blogger

When it comes to getting tips to become a better blogger that entails more than one variable, and is a lesson written public speaking. Blogging is a platform for communication for just about anything one could imagine, and being able to write compelling, and interesting information that your subscribers cannot wait to read about, is [...]

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How to Build Killer Content for Real Estate Conversion

Is your real estate website driving clients to take action? If not, then perhaps it’s your content that’s to blame. Simply put, excellent conversions rely heavily on killer content. If your web pages lack the content to generate conversions, then they aren’t doing their job. If you want to build content that will certainly turn [...]

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Blogging your Way to Internet Leads

If you are hungrily searching for ways to increase your Internet leads then you owe it to yourself to explore blogging. Starting a blog is quite easy to do, given the robust and easy to use sites like and These sites allow you to set up a free real estate blog. If you [...]

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Real Estate SEO – Here Today & Gone Tomorrow

One can never say that they have learned everything pertaining to search engines and real estate search engine optimization. There is no end to learning in these areas because they both constantly evolve on daily basis. A technique that works for today may not produce the same results after a short period of time. It [...]

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Blog What You Know – Authority is Contagious

Blogging on the internet has spread like wildfire.  Everybody is doing it.  With so many blogs available today who has the time to read the ones that interest us most? Lucky for us blog readers, most blogs are just a diary style “here’s what I did today…”.  These are easy to spot and easy to [...]

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Free Wesbite Content

As the old saying goes, Content is King. Unfortunately, for many Realtors and other real estate professionals blogging or updating their websites content is a Hugh hassle and burden. However, to maintain your rankings and readership, you’ll need to update your sites content as often as possible. The more insightful and interesting your websites content [...]

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Dofollow Real Estate Blogs

If you’re looking for a little link love when contributing on real estate blogs, Eric Bramlett has compiled a Great list of DoFollow Real Estate Blogs. What is a dofollow blog? When a webmaster adds a DoFollow Plugin (which will remove the NoFollow tag) the comments you leave with your website link will be counted [...]

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