Managing Local and Organic Keyword Phrases For Real Estate Websites

There are just some days that it seems impossible to rank on Google’s illustrious seven packs, and maybe someday you will attain that all to well sought after position. However, for the time being when doing a query in google, note that there are at times one, two or even three organic placements on top [...]

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The Key to Finding Keywords for Your Real Estate Article

When you write a blog post or article for your real estate website you need to fill it with not only good content, but also with a popular keyword or two scattered throughout the article.  Keywords are the anchor to getting your article or blog post noticed by search engines. Keywords can be a single [...]

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Keyword Market Research

Who are your customers?  What type of clientele do you want visiting your real estate website?  How do you attract them?  You can tell a lot about internet clientele by the words they use to search the topics that are of interest to them.  With the right research you can find what they are searching [...]

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Real Estate Keyword Research

What are real estate keywords? Well simply put, they are phrases under which you would want your real estate website to be found in search engines. For instance if you are marketing your blog in Atlanta, then your keyword will likely be Atlanta real estate blog. Keyword research is a critical aspect of your search [...]

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