RealtyRankings is Being Aquired – Maybe

As the title states, RealtyRankings is in final negotiations with a close friend. I cannot go into detail regarding financial numbers as they are to embarrassing (LOL). I’m hoping at the very least to be able to take the family out for one dinner I never really knew what I wanted to do with the [...]

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Has The Real Estate Market Hit Rock Bottom?

The video below is from about a month and half ago. What are your thoughts, has the market made a comeback?

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Mortgage Fraud

Most of the time Real Estate Agents will recommend a Loan Officer to their clients. The reason this is mainly done is, because they have a track record of success with that particular loan consultant. While most people associated in the mortgage industry are honest and have high integrity values, that is not always the [...]

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Dallas Real Estate Market

To hear the news tell it, the real estate market as a whole is collapsing, however the Texas housing market and economy are remaining strong. Which is great news, since Dallas is where I live and work. According to a new U.S. Census Bureau report, DFW (Dallas-Fort Worth Metorplex) drew in more people than any [...]

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