Don’t Bug Out When Buying a Home in North Texas!

Texas is a great place to live and very affordable compared to other parts of the country. However, if you are coming from another state, you may want to know Texas has some Texas sized bugs! Not only is it humid, but the winters are mild and therefore many critters that should have been annihilated are given a perfect breeding ground.

When you own DFW real estate  just going outside without bug spray is a mistake.  And if you decide to walk through the grass barefoot, think twice – seems like there are more Fire Ant hills as the summer progresses. The easiest solution is to get monthly service and get your yard spayed by a professional. It is actually reasonable and worth the expense. However, if you want to be proactive and do it yourself “Diatomaceous Earth” is another good answer to warding off bugs in the yard which is also safe for pets.

The only problem with Diatomaceous earth inside the home is the dust and having to vacuum all the time, but if you put it outside chances are you won’t need to sprinkle it inside your house. The first summer in Texas we battled fleas and it was a big pain. Once you have fleas inside your house it is a constant battle to break their life cycle.  Flea and tick bites are no fun!

If you have pets, be sure to treat them with flea and tick medication even if they don’t go outside. You would be surprised at how easily bugs can come inside your home and especially fleas love to hide on your pets and when you notice there are fleas or ticks – it’s too late! Your home is infested! If your home ends up on the television show “INFESTED” you may be forced to sell your house to one of those ‘We Buy Pretty & Ugly Houses” companies at a steep discount.

If you spend time outside and are doing yard work, do yourself a favor and keep your shoes outside and shake off your clothing before coming into the house. If you have the opportunity to put your clothing straight into the wash – do it. You will be happy that you did not let any fleas hitch a ride on your clothes and infest your home.

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