How Real Estate Agents Can Use Social Media to Build Relationships

Real estate agents everywhere are coming to realize the value and potential of using social media networks to expand their businesses and reach their goals. This new platform offers an unprecedented marketing capability that allows agents to build relationships with clients and colleagues without traveling or spending a dime. Social media marketing is a great [...]

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Real Estate Social Game with Google +1

If you’ve used Google lately, you’ve likely noticed a small icon next to your search results. This little gray icon, with a small +1 in it, is Google’s newest experiment in social media. The +1 feature, in short, allows you to endorse URLs that you like. If you don’t notice the +1 feature, click on [...]

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How Social Networks Can Increase Your Online Exposure

Is Facebook more than just a way to stay in touch with family and friends? Is Twitter productive or a waste of time? Social media was formed and built more with the intention of keeping in touch and building a personal network, but commercial businesses have realized the benefits of a social media presence as [...]

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Social Media to Increase your Real Estate Business

Let’s face it: social media sites are the name of the game, and if you’re not tuned into them, you could be losing out on a large chunk of potential real estate clients. Newspapers and radio spots used to be the source of most marketing efforts; however, today’s customers are found nowhere near newspaper ads; [...]

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Why You Should Join The Premier Real Estate Community

Being a real estate professional can be hard, grueling work. And becoming successful doesn’t necessarily mean you have to do it all alone. There are other real estate professionals who have made their success through trial and error, and through the advice and help of others who have provided advice. And at our RealtyRankings community [...]

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How to Setup a Killer Real Estate Profile

When you become a registered member of and join our community, you have the opportunity to build a profile and improve your community participation. Using our keen profile tools you can create and set up a killer profile that lets others know exactly who you are, what your area of specialty is, and provide [...]

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Best Social Media Sites for Real Estate Social Networking

Below are some of the best Real Estate Social Media sites available. Obtain referrals, branding, leads and yes some links It’s a win – win all the way around! Below are the top 100 real estate and social media sites. Enjoy! 1. Facebook One of the fastest social networking sites. Facebook is one of the [...]

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Social Media Real Estate Marketing Strategies

Web 2.0 has provided real estate website owners with amazing marketing opportunities. Without the costly burden of newspaper and other print advertising, you can easily and affordable reach a tremendous audience through social media. Social media is the hottest thing on the web with millions of users joining social websites every day. Why not take [...]

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Real Estate Social Media – Attract Customers towards Your Business

Nowadays, use of internet has grown widely. Many businesses have now being advertised, marketed and operated online and believe it or not, become successful too. One of these businesses is the real estate business. Real estate social media establishes a network of possible customers to permeate network marketing. Numerous possibilities to enable the real estate [...]

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Bookmark Your Way to Successful Traffic Building

You want people to visit your real estate website. You have spent time designing the site, filling the content with articles and a variety of content. Great! What’s Next? If you have built a savvy and well-designed real estate website that offers benefits to your readers and visitors, you can help direct traffic by the [...]

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