Your Sphere of Influence – Attracting Real Estate Clients

This is not to say that we should forget about trying to attract clients from our sphere of influence because it is easier to attract total strangers. It is generally not. It is just important to think about what each individual in our sphere really thinks about us. It’s all a matter of perception.  We need to look at ourselves from the point of view of each person in our sphere and ask ourselves: “With everything this person knows about me and every interaction we have ever had, would this person have any second thoughts about using my services as a real estate professional?”

When selling DFW real estate seriousness is another trait that a prospect will seek in somebody who will be involved in helping them transact a six-figure transaction. Everybody likes a sense of humor but would probably prefer a more measured personality when it comes to their money. Demonstrating a little bit of intensity when talking to a prospect in your sphere of influence about real estate may help paint the picture of you as a dedicated professional who understands the big responsibility you have with these large transactions. They may infer that you are knowledgeable, always seeking current information about new laws and regulations, even that you are cautious and detail-oriented.

So, it is not so important to think of each person in your sphere of influence as a potential transaction, but, as a person who can benefit from expert real estate advice tailored to their specific circumstances, whether or not they use you now, a year from now or ten years from now. You want them to be a megaphone for your services. Whenever they finally conduct a transaction with you, if ever, is just a bonus. The potential for referral business from them is real and potentially massive. This is true whether you work for a traditional real estate brokerage firm or a we buy pretty & ugly houses firm.

The whole process can occur over a series of phone calls, emails, text messages or just casual face to face conversations in which you normally encounter these individuals. You don’t necessarily have to go out of your way since most may not be planning a move anytime soon. There is no rush. You only want to affix in their mind that you are the only real estate professional that took the time to understand their specific situation and desires and provided them with a customized plan to move forward and helped them move the plan forward. You showed them the way. When the time comes to conduct an actual transaction, there will be little question as to who they hire.

Rather than casting out our line into our sphere of influence every couple of months to reel in a few prospects which turn into a couple of deals, we should put more effort into sincerely becoming consummate real estate professionals and actually attracting clients from our sphere of influence. We should treat every individual as a de facto future client demonstrating a self-confident, serious attitude and providing them with knowledgeable advice, individualized and customized to apply to their specific plans and goals. Doing this persistently will ensure a steady stream of business and a growing river of referrals.